Built with Craft

Quality Construction.

Moon is a workshop-based artisan builder. Over the past 20 years, we have delivered more than 400 high-end, bespoke construction projects. And each one is testimony to our obsessive approach to craftmanship. 

What separates Moon from other builders is our in-house workshop facility. It means we’re not reliant on third parties, and we can offer a seamless service from the foundations to the final fit-out. We can work directly with private clients, or as a main contractor, specialising in large refurbishment projects and new build homes. We also undertake large-scale fit outs as standalone projects.

Our Projects.

Put simply, we share a passion for building beautiful things. We take pride in every detail and believe a job isn’t done until it’s perfect. 

In pursuit of perfection, what sets Moon apart is our attention to detail.